Stunning flood damage along the Missouri River begins to surface

I-29 north of Council Bluffs. (Photo from Iowa DOT)

Remember the floods of 2011? The ones that still have traffic re-routed on Interstate 29 for hundreds of miles?

If these pictures posted by the Iowa Department of Transportation are the tip of the iceberg, it will be long after the snow and cold are gone before you’re driving from Sioux City to Kansas City through Omaha/Council Bluffs on I-29.

I don’t have official information, but I do know you can’t work on a construction project of rebuilding a road when it is still under water.

Sandbags around the Blue Moon in Hamburg.

I went for Market To Market to the Missouri back in June. Then several roads were still passable.

My previous post is here which includes the trip from Sioux City to Hamburg.

That’s not the case anymore. Check out the dramatic images showing the power of water. Especially water that lasts for months like it is now.

I-29 north of Council Bluffs on 8/16/11 (Photo by Iowa DOT)

The gallery from the Iowa DOT is here.

It includes images from around the Council Bluffs area, even showing Highway 2 from Hamburg to Nebraska City. We were on that road in June when all the businesses just west of the interstate were surrounded by sandbags.

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