Day 1 of 2340

Noah is set to begin his first day of kindergarten.

There were a lot of sunglasses being worn in Ankeny today. Yes, it was a bit sunny, but that wasn’t the reason for the eye protection.

It was day one of school. Those shades were hiding the tears from moms and a few dads as our children began their academic career, or the next chapter in it.

If Iowa stays at 180 days in a year, Noah will have 2,340 days of school until he wears his next cap and gown. If they go as well as they did today, he’ll be just fine.

Our little man met new friends, earned tickets for good behavior and had recess. 3 of them, actually.

He’d already met his teacher when she came for an in-home visit a week ago and at a meet the teacher night last week.

In place and ready to learn.

Noah seems to enjoy academic life. He was starting to get a little bored with summer daycare. There was a different attitude in him. They will read, do math, learn how to play with each other, memorize lunch codes and maybe they’ll get to play with glue.

I may have been one of the emotional ones, but I did not openly cry. I did get a little weak pulling that door open into school. Noah got a hug and we were on our way.

Soon, we’ll be packing him up for college like our neighbors are doing tonight with their daughter.

For now, I’ll take my boy and his Spiderman backpack to kindergarten while wearing my sunglasses.


One thought on “Day 1 of 2340

  1. Tomorrow will be the 1st day of 2nd grade for niece Kadren. It will be Day 353 for her (IL has 176 days of classes, +/- 4. Little sister Kenya has 4 1/2 years to go before she starts, but at least she’ll have the house to herself. Not bad for a 5-month old.

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