July is gone, but not forgotten

Paul and Amy at Castello di Amorosa or Castle of Love in the Napa Valley.

Hopefully you noticed this page hadn’t been updated much in the month of July.

I didn’t intentionally take time off, but took time to do some other things.

Amy and I celebrated 10 years of marriage at the end of June. We took the party on the road, with a trip to northern California. We flew in to San Francisco, drove to Napa and came back to the city by the bay.

I could bore you with all the details like I did to Michael Graham, the best friend a guy could ever have, but I won’t.

Ok, here’s a few things we did on our trip.

Beringer preps for Michael Buble.

Recapping, we went to 9 wineries (Castello di Amorosa, Robert Mondavi, Beringer (they were getting ready for a Michael Buble concert on-site later in the week), Beaulieu (near Rutherford Grill where we lunched the day before), V Sattui (where we had a picnic lunch and Amy was again reminded how much she loved birds), Darioush (looked around, but no tasting), Black Stallion, Van Der Heyden (small is an understatement for this winery) and finally Luna.

Napa was hot. The wineries are at every turn. We should have gone into the Sonoma region to sample more of the white wines. Napa is more known for the reds. Lesson learned. We did have a good time along the Silverado Trail.

Cousins Paul Yeager and Sean Nash together again.

Then came San Fran. My cousin Sean and I reconnected for the first time in about 25 years. Just like the mid-80’s, he’s still a trip. He’s an artist, I’m a producer. We both have some abstract concept skills, but he’s the one who should get paid for talking. He was quite the host for our afternoon. We got a quick city tour and the back roads to get there.

The next day, we took in a ferry ride to Sausalito, Fisherman’s Wharf/Pier39/HumanCluster area, trolley car ride and Ghirardelli Square.

The view from the upper deck of AT&T Park in San Francisco.

Oh, and a trip to an awesome ballpark, AT&T. The home of the World Champion San Francisco Giants is a true gem. Tv’s Eric Hanson says it is in top 5 of ballparks. I can imagine two others above it, but that’s stretching it.

The park is on the bay, the views are incredible and the fans love their Giants. Specifically, the Beard. Brian Wilson has the city in a trance. We got to see his entrance twice and it didn’t disappoint. We learned the stadium plays “Lights” by Journey as its “Sweet Caroline” moment. If you’ve been to Fenway Park in Boston, you know what I’m talking about. The Twins play “Livin’ On a Prayer” and the Royals play “Friends in Low Places.”

I did get a chance to go to Waterloo and visit John Bergman a happy 60th birthday. His family and ours are the same. We’ve done a lot of things together and have a lot of memories together. It was good to see so many people gathered for his birthday.

Noah and Levi playing in the sprinkler.

The rest of the month included time with the boys (hairline fracture in Levi’s left leg), ice cream runs, bike rides, hot weather and tending to our ever-growing garden of tomatoes and raspberries.

We’re regulars at the pools, which are doing great business this year, making up for any lost revenue the last 4 years. Noah passed his first year of swimming lessons and is ready for more. When not at the pool, we turned the sprinkler on and let the boys run wild and into each other.

He's going to school this fall?

August brings the Iowa State Fair, the start of high school football for another year of calling Dowling Catholic football, meetings, straw polls, and Noah starting Kindergarten.

Yes. Our little baby is ready for school.

But are we?


4 thoughts on “July is gone, but not forgotten

  1. ready or not mom and dad here he goes! Don’t worry he will be fine ,you will have Levi to chase for a while ,when Noah is away,then you can do it with both boys ,when he gets home Have Fun! anrd take lots of photos they change so much once school begins!

  2. Sean is quite something. There are some real amazing people in this world. Sean is one of those rare forces out there. Someone you are entranced with and by but also in some shock. I hope you keep in touch with such a well read individual.

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