We all like friends, but this much?

We are living in the Facebook frenzy. Almost every friend is on it, mom is on it, even grandmothers are friending, posting and checking status updates.

Then came businesses, bands and media outlets, all embracing the medium.

Some television stations hold contests to try to get more “likes” to their pages. They think the more that like them, the more that will watch them. There is some truth to that theory.

But some social media experts will tell you it is about the interaction with those fans and not just the pure number. That was a big topic at our Iowa Broadcast News Association’s mid-morning session. We talked about social media in newsrooms.

But, I don’t think this approach came up.

Thanks to a media friend in Des Moines, I got the link to this video. It is from WQAD-TV8 in Moline, Illinois and the Quad Cities market.

You watch, then your thoughts on the YouTube video.

That is the group Superfly Samurai sneaking into the Channel 8 and getting the likes of Julie Sisk and Jim Mertens to jam, along with the night crew of Jason Feckner, Rae Chelle Davis, even Terry Swails gets into the mix. So do other weather types of James Zahara, Cassie Heiter and Anthony Peoples.

What do you think about the video and efforts by WQAD?


2 thoughts on “We all like friends, but this much?

  1. That video is great! Jim and Julie is always a delight to watch. Terry kind of stole the show. I didn’t think he would let loose on the guitar!

  2. I don’t know what to think of this-I feel like they are trying to take advantage of the current momentum for change here in the Quad Cities. I watch them more than I did when we first moved here. I guess it does appeal to a new generation of watchers.
    Barb S.

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