A bad day fishing beats almost everything else

Noah watches his line in the water.

The saying goes a bad day fishing/golf/baseball beats a good day at work.

Noah agrees with that statement.

A big thanks to Ankeny Park and Rec, Ankeny Optimist Club, Central Iowa Anglers and Wal-Mart for sponsoring the Fishing Derby at Hawkeye Park.

Last year Noah and I went fishing with our friend Dan Wardell as he helped organize an IPTV event. This year, we went corporate and enjoyed our time on the bank of the pond. Noah was excited to fish with his Toy Story pole.

Our first cast ended with an empty hook and no fish.

Before we could put our line back in the water, Noah had his name called as he had won a door prize. He has a new pole (that’s taller than him) and a tackle box filled with lures and bobbers. Pretty cool.

Noah's big catch.

The second cast went much better and we brought in a little bluegill.

We then caught our biggest fish of the day. It wasn’t really big enough to keep, but he swallowed the hook. So, someone enjoyed a tasty treat. Organizers set up a cleaning and cooking station. Some of the fish they were cleaning were the size of a credit card.

We have to warm up a bit before going fishing Grandpa Fish. You have to be ready when you step up to the big leagues of angling.


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