Running on fumes

A smiling Noah is a fun Noah.
As we approach the end (hopefully) of YBHA VII, the boys are wearing down.

We all get up a little later in the morning, are a little crankier with each other and just ready to have the boss back in the house. We can manage our time alone, but after a while, we need to have our family all together. They need Mom. But don’t we all?

Thursday was one of those days where all of those factors were in play.

Noah needs to have some one-on-one time. He just hadn’t been getting it this week. I try to spend time with him, but it doesn’t always work out the way he likes and I think he feels cheated. He likes his mommy. Noah melted while leaving his day care and when we got home before supper. And then there’s the boy who DIDN’T have a nap today. But Levi was in good spirits despite his lack of shuteye.

Ice cream solves many problems.
To help break up the routine, we called in a little help. Grandma and Grandpa Freeseman came over for a short time this evening.

Noah wanted to color. I can’t help him color while Levi is around. Levi wants to color as well and that just doesn’t work. Sometimes the two can get along fine with an activity, but for now, they usually end in one hitting the other, a squeal or wrestling each other.

Boys. You gotta love ’em.

Following the coloring session, we had a little ice cream. That seemed to do the trick for Noah who was most notably happier when he had people paying full attention to him. It may not be a medical fact, but ice cream is known to make many problems go away.

Levi likes to play in the sand.
While Noah colored, Levi and I stayed outside to enjoy the beautiful weather. We played in the sand box.

My 20-month-old is starting to test boundaries. He’s throwing sand or hitting his brother or just saying “no-no” a lot when we ask him to do something.

This has been a big week for the boys at school. It is the final week of being in their current rooms. Come Tuesday, they’ll be moving up and onward to new rooms and new teachers. Levi has struggled a bit this week as he’s become attached to his caretakers. One of them will be moving on, so that will ease the transition.

Noah will go into the kindergarten room this summer. They pretty much go on field trips all summer. A fun summer is in store for him.

A great day for baseball.

One trip they won’t be taking is to Principal Park to see the Iowa Cubs. We would have lost him today if he was at the park. It was the biggest crowd of the season, 10,000 plus were they and they mostly arrived by school bus.

it was a great day to take in a ball game. My co-worker Julie Knutson wanted to take in a day game this year and this date worked. So, when the sun came out and clouds parted, we knew we’d timed it just right. Even if we missed the first part of the game because traffic was snarled.

We also had fun because another co-worker, Dave Feingold, joined us. He loves to be outdoors on a nice day as well. So we all burned a little vacation/comp time and got a little sun.


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