My morning glories

Levi tries to shake away the sleep with a smile.

The boys are used to waking up with me in the house. Most days I get them up, feed them, dress them and drop them off at daycare.

Even with YBHA VII in full swing, that routine stays the same.

Levi is our sleeper. He goes to bed without fuss and wakes up well after we’ve made a lot of noise in the house. I often have to wake up Levi to get him going in the morning. Sometimes, I will hear him shuffling in his crib, but he remains quiet, sometimes, even going back to sleep on his own without hassle.

That’s a far cry from his brother.

Noah bring his Batman 'A' game to school.

Batman here wakes up way before 7a, mostly 6a and has always needed a lot of attention in the morning. He would wake up early when he was Levi’s age and need to be out the crib instantly. Today he wants to watch TV or play with legos. Now at least, he will do some of those things on his own.

Each night when we go to bed, Noah still wants to make sure he’s up at 7a. He only sleeps past 7a 1 out of 7 days. Now we think he wants to get up early to see mom before she goes to work. She’s at work most days before 7, so he gets up early.

This week they’ve been pretty good about sleeping. Even during last night’s heavy thunderstorms, they slept right through.

I’m just thankful the Cardinals are out of San Diego. Those last night games make it difficult for dad to get to sleep.

As I finish this post, the boys are stirring. The jinx is alive and well.


  1. Noah and Nate must be related… Nate is up with the sun and is immediately demanding of a playmate from mom or dad. Yawn…..

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