Game night brings big shirts for little boys

The 51s come to Principal Park.

After a rain-soaked late afternoon, the sun came out and it was a nice night for a trip to the old ball park.

This also meant I didn’t have to come up with a rain back-up plan for the boys and I on Day 4 of the Yeager Boys Home Alone VII.

We talked about evening routine in the last post. (BTW, check out Levi’s video in the post.)

I blew that all up tonight.

Noah needed a little convincing to go to Principal Park tonight. But when we called Aunt Kris to see if Maddox was coming, Noah was in like Flynn.

That cup was everywhere.

I’ve taken the boys to the ball park myself before. Our most recent trip was Sunday.

But that was after naps.

The evening provides a different set of challenges. The boys are rushed from going to daycare, eating supper, changing clothes, loading the run bag and then just getting into the car.

And we haven’t even stepped foot in the park.

Levi decided to be like the Iowa Cubs and the Las Vegas 51s tonight and throw things.

He tossed his pacifier half-way into the walk way in front of Section 10. He also chucked this sippy cup into the aisle as well. Thanks to Ron for helping us out on two of those occasions.

All we need is a belt for this shirt.

We’ve picked up some fun souvenirs at the park before. We got a glove when the boss was stuck in Europe because of the ash. (BTW, she’s in Brazil this trip and not Europe. So, the current bout of ash should not be a factor. But we still have a few days for our luck to change.)

We arrived at the stadium just a few minutes before first pitch and still got the Sam Fuld jersey giveaway. He was a fun player to watch in Des Moines. I’m glad he’s getting his chance to play in The Show. But in typical Cubs fashion, its in Tampa with the Rays and not in Chicago for the Cubs.

New shirts paying tribute to Sam Fuld.

The shirt is the XL size.

The good news is Levi has a some room to grow into the shirt.

Maybe 9 years of growth.

I don’t even think a belt will help that shirt fit.

Levi did think this was pretty fun to wear such a big shirt. The shirt has short sleeves. But for Levi and Noah, they were long sleeves.

Really, they were like dresses.

Speedy Delivery from The Brewmeister.

And when we got home, this little bundle of baseball goodness was in our mailbox. Noah wanted a pretzel tonight and not peanuts. Maybe he knew Uncle Mike was sending us peanuts in the mail.

A big thanks to Mr. Graham for the treat. Maybe we can enjoy those on another game night.


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