Dirty boys need cleaning too

Levi has a slight obsession with the garden hose.

We try to keep a routine here, even when the boss is gone and the Yeager Boys are left Home Alone (Season VII). This is the story of Day 3 in our adventure. This may be a little longer than normal. If you want highlights, just look at the pictures and click on the <a href=”YouTube video of Levi. I think it is well worth the 50 seconds.

And, now back to the shenanigans.

Some nights are a little easier than others. It depends on how much sugar I give them.

We usually do a little playing outside when the weather allows. This certainly helps make the night go better.

Right now we are on a hot streak for weather.

The results of a little water, one dirty boy.

One can get thirsty.

Levi’s ears work. He can hear when the garden hose is turned on and pouring out water. Then he’s like a moth to a flame when the hose is active.

We tried doing a little garden work tonight (a little repair to our earlier spring efforts in YBHA VI).

Levi was helping. He got some mud and when it came time to water our work, Levi took over the hose. You don’t fight a 20-month-old. We all know that’s a lost cause. You see the results in the pictures.

Scooter night for Noah.

Noah wanted some scooter time around the neighborhood following our garden variety fun.

Levi gave chase and we will have a hard time keeping Levi from trying to do everything Noah can do.

We are trying to let Noah be a 5-year-old and not be over every move he makes. This is easier some days than others.

(sorry for the delay in the next sentence. I had to put clothes in the dryer from the washer. I found 12 cents. Look out Casey’s General Store. I’m coming in for a Tootsie Roll Tootsie Pop.)

Spiked hair while brushing teeth.

Back to the boys…

I usually let Noah watch TV by himself while getting Levi ready for bed. During Amy’s last trip, Noah started running upstairs to the shower, take a quick shower, brush his teeth and get his PJs on before I could finish reading to Levi after the little guy’s bath. Noah called that a surprise.

It was nice. It showed just how grown up he’s become.

It also made me sad that he really doesn’t need Mom or Dad to do everything for him anymore.

Levi still needs me, though. He needs me to spike his hair while he brushes his 14 teeth.

Following his bath, while dressing him, Levi seems his happiest. He talks a lot. Tonight I was able to have this conversation with the dude.

Bedtime includes a few books and our Cars pillow.

Noah has a little OCD when it comes to bedtime, but to be nice, we’ll call it routine. You have to make sure everything is right or it gets dicey. Most nights, he’s tired so it doesn’t take much to set him off to get some fake tears. We have to set out PJs, read books, say prayers and do checks every night.

Checks are his stalling technique. He likes to have us “check” on him each night. When he was 3 it was 3 checks. You’d say good night and then come back in 30 seconds for a check and repeat it two more times.

Now we’re down to one check, but Noah now just keeps asking questions. We turn his music on and say goodnight for the seventh time. A hug, a drink of water, another hug and more questions.

You basically have to shut the door on him in mid-sentence.
Soon, I’ll be going to bed before him and he’ll have to check on me.

*Sorry this post was late in being written, but the Cardinals are in San Diego for a series. I may be distracted by watching the game.

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  1. Atta boy Levi! My older niece has gotten into the “routine” bit as well. She needs her bath, brush her teeth, have to watch Spongebob, and Mommy to rub her back before she goes to sleep.

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