Hymns of sugar and baseball in Day 2 of YBHA VII

Levi holds tight to the evidence of breakfast.

I think every Ankeny Yeager has a little stubborn streak. I was determined to sing with the men’s choir at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church this morning. Even with the Yeager Boys Home Alone VII in full swing, we did it anyway.

We may have fudged the rules. Actually, those muffins the boys ate on the way to church were double chocolate chip and not fudge. The boys were out cold at 7A, but a gentle nudge got them up and moving with minimal fuss. I’m not sure how that happened, but I’ll take it.

We were singing Battle Hymn of the Republic. Iowa readers know this song closes the All-State music festival each year. I auditioned for All-State twice with both attempts ending abruptly when our quartet was asked to sing the “In the beauties of the lilies…” part of the song. The tenor always dropped the ball in that section. I wonder what ever happened to him? He’s writing this blather you’re reading. I apologize to Johnny, Jennifer, Michelle and Chasity for blowing our chance both those years I was in the quartet.

Launching helicopters.

Today, we nailed it. Even with me holding Levi. He didn’t want to stay in the nursery with Noah. Levi is just like his brother in that sense. Noah wanted nothing to do with the toys and no parents at 18 months either.

Thanks to those who’ve found and ‘liked’ the HTLC Ankeny Facebook page. We’re glad you joined us.

While we departed church this morning, Levi and Noah decided to pick up the helicopters on the ground and launch them into the air. We’ve got a few in our yard, not nearly as many as we had in Bettendorf, but enough to teach the boys to have a little fun with nature. (Speaking of nature shows, anyone watching Wild Kratts on IPTV/PBS yet? Noah loves it.)

We got a little nap in this afternoon to make up for the early morning. Some of the naps lasted longer than others (I’m looking at your Mr. Noah) but it was a quiet early afternoon.

We were able to get to the Iowa Cubs game by the 6th inning, just in time to stretch.

Noah ran the bases and Levi put on a typical show for Beth in row 5, so hopefully her day was complete. Or ruined. I’m not sure.

Enjoying the Dairy Zone.

Aunt Kris was at the game so we went for ice cream after the game to the east side tradition of the Dairy Zone. You’ve seen it along University Avenue on the way to the Iowa State Fairgrounds, almost across the street from the big cow statue.

Yes, we had desert before dinner, but sometimes you must have sugar to get through the day.

Yes, Levi is sitting on the table without shoes and eating ice cream.

Maybe this will be a long week with the boys.

Barring any major events, we’ll look at the bath time rituals of the boys. We’ve got wild hair, checks and books.


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