Time to play ball and begin YBHA VII

The boys and their lovely mother pose before departure.

And we’re back.

Less than 3 weeks have passed since the Yeager Boys were last left home alone, but here we are, ready for another adventure in single parenting with two boys under 6.

This is the 7th installment of YBHA. This time the boss is headed to Brazil. The trips to Holland likely are becoming less frequent and this South American trip is already scheduled less often.

We had a few things already scheduled this weekend that the trip cancelled out. One was a graduation party for Amy’s cousin Luke, a bridal shower for my cousin Erik’s bride, Dana, and the St. Louis Cardinals visiting Kauffman Stadium and the Kansas City Royals. We’ve tried to make that series since we moved to Ankeny.

We did get Noah to his TeeBall game. The Angels played a good game in beautiful conditions.

Grandma and Grandpa keep the boys entertained for an inning at the Iowa Cubs.

A big thanks to Grandma and Grandpa for keeping Levi contained while I was on the field and in the dugout with the team. Being Noah’s coach has been a lot of fun.

Following TeeBall we went to the Iowa Cubs game. Taking Noah and Levi is always an adventure. We do it for a little distraction and a chance to say hi to the folks in Section 10.

Tonight we exposed Grandma and Grandpa to the fun that is two boys at the ballpark.

We’ll do it again tomorrow if the weather holds.

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