Washing machine surprises

Lego Man walks on the moon.

Oh the joys of raising boys.

I was transferring a washed load to the dryer when I felt and heard something at the bottom the tub.

It was a little Lego Man.

Noah likes his Lego’s a lot. He is trying to build them as best he can on his own. When we help him build the police station or Toy Story set, we do it when Levi is asleep. Otherwise a few piece may end up in Levi’s mouth or somewhere unique.

What’s the strangest thing you’ve discovered in the washing machine?

Buckwheat is Levi's hair designer.

Speaking of the little dude… I’m waiting for a few more of his things to end up in the wash, like his pacifiers. He loves those a lot.

Are the little plastic devices cheating or just good parenting in trying to keep my kid from disrupting you?

I know you like Levi’s hairstyle.

He’s trying to look like Stefon. I haven’t heard him talk about Ankeny’s hottest clubs. Yet.


5 thoughts on “Washing machine surprises

  1. your little man looks good. not the lego man. my son is 2 1/2. he’s lots of fun and major handful. take care

  2. The other day after hearing a loud clunking in the dryer, Gina found a tinny glass bottle, with liquid and flakes of gold in it. That would have been a big mess had it broke.

  3. Mostly Jess is finding things of mine in the wash.
    BTW- Ankeny’s hottest club…is the Casey’s at Ankeny Blvd and 36th. Where every morning at 6 you’ll find farmer’s drinking Columbian Roast and eating raspberry flips.

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