Gardening is like farming, right?

Noah has nice tomatoes.

You would think that the son and grandsons of a 3rd generation farmer would be able to handle a few things in the garden.

We will see. But, I think we will remember where the grocery store is for our produce needs.

There’s a lot of things we don’t know about gardening. Planting, may be one of them.

Noah, Levi and I tried to plant some items in our new garden on Sunday. We headed outdoors after the naps were completed and Grandma Honey was onto her next grandchild visit.

Levi tries to balance his plant and this feet.

Both boys wanted to be my helpers.
Levi was able to handle my one pepper for planting.

He was able to waddle down the steps, across the lawn and to our newly tilled ground.

We are trying the garden next to the garage where it will get about 85% sun, mostly in the late morning to afternoon. It was mostly an area with sod and weeds.

We put in a little rhubarb there a couple of years ago. We also put in some raspberries in there, too. We had a lot of berries last year and they’ve really taken off this year already.

Ah, Levi, that is dad's lawn. The garden is the black part, not the green part.

I’ve turned the dirt over and put in some new topsoil to try to make the conditions the best for growing.

Right now, Levi is really trying to do everything his brother does. This is fun to see little brother look up and try to copy big brother.

This process is helping build some patience for Noah. The 5-year-old has to let his brother try things for his own, before helping.

This shot shows Levi trying to dig up the lawn as Noah waits to correct him.

Let me help you, brother.

Noah lasted about .26 seconds later before taking over the reigns.

Levi and Noah were digging holes for me to plant the tomatoes and peppers.

We will see how our garden grows.

We try to check it every night. Each time I let Levi try to water the garden, he ends up getting more water on himself than he does the intended target.

My two helpers will also grow this year. I’m curious to see how they change by harvest time later this summer.

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