The Reinforcement Has Arrived for days 4 and 5- YBHA VI

Joellen Noah Levi April 29, 2011
Levi and Noah sit on Grandma Honey's lap.

It is nice to see a friendly face.

Grandma Honey was a welcome sight for me and my boys. I mean, Grandma Paula and Grandpa Wil can only be asked to do so much. They need a break.

Seriously, we rely heavily on Wil and Paula for help. They assisted me a few times this week while the boss was gone.

When Amy’s trip to Holland came up, I already had a strong commitment for Saturday. The Iowa Broadcast News Association’s annual convention and awards was set long ago. As a board member of the IBNA, I had  a couple of roles in this weekend festivities.

That’s when you call in help. Grandma’s like this type of thing, or at least, I hope they do.

My mother raised 4 children, 3 girls and me. I was nothing short of a challenge.

Now I have 2 boys who look, act and carry my DNA. Family is the only option. As my father says, I can’t help but laugh watching you with those two boys. Translation, you get what you pay for.

Grandma Honey was named by my sister Julie’s girls years ago. She and Farmer Papa or Grandpa Fish don’t get to use their real names.

Grandma Honey has watched the boys before, so this wasn’t new, but it was not in her house, but ours.

She got a little time with them Friday night so when I was already gone to #IBNA2011 Saturday morning, it wasn’t as big of a shock.

I think the boys didn’t even know I was gone. That’s such a relief. They were great for Grandma, for that, I’m thankful.

A big thanks to a couple of Aunt/Cousin visits to give all a break in the afternoon.

All were in their Sunday best.

Grandma also stayed around Sunday morning to go to church with me and the boys. She had not heard our newly called pastor, Tim Olson preach yet, so this was a good chance to hear him. (I must say, if you are looking for a church in Ankeny, come give Holy Trinity Lutheran Church a listen)

When we got to HTLC we found out it was a baptism of Kristopher and Kristi Emick’s son. Kristopher and I went to Jesup HS together. His dad, Kraig, used to be my band and choir teacher. I’ll run into Kraig and Karen often in Ankeny now as they come to see the grandkids.

*Forgive me if this a little scatterbrained, I was trying to watch history on television tonight with the announcement of the death of Osama Bin Laden. Watching this unfold on TV and the internet through Twitter has been incredible. The real-time information distribution is like nothing else we’ve ever seen.

If Noah was just a bit older, I would have gotten him out of bed to watch this, but that would just lead to more questions. Regardless, history was made Sunday night when President Obama walked in and out of the East Room.

**Also, new travel advisories are now being issued for flights… just in time for the boss’ return.


3 thoughts on “The Reinforcement Has Arrived for days 4 and 5- YBHA VI

  1. I can’t imagine the scene at #IBNA2011 if this news would have taken place on Saturday and everyone at the conference were on Twitter!

  2. It is interesting how grandparents get nicknames. Our kids had Grandma Pancake and Grandma Sweetie pie. Every time we visited my Mom she made pancakes is cool shapes for Erik and Kiersten. And Barb’s Mother always called them her little “Sweetie Pies”.

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