A little fresh air in Day 3 of YBHA VI

No, I didn't mismatch dress Noah, it was PJ and Movie day.

Let’s face it. This spring has stunk. It seems we’ve only had one flirtatious afternoon with nice weather.

Today wasn’t great, but nice enough to head to the green park.

It was time to leave the dancing indoors and get some fresh air.

Noah had a nice day at school as Thursday is the traditional pajama/movie day. He got some new Spider-Man PJ’s for his birthday and he was excited to wear them. He didn’t have any problem with wearing them while biking down the street.

Oh to be 5 again.

Levi liked the slide, even when his brother helped.

Levi continues to grow at the playground. During an earlier trip to the green park, Levi started climbing a lot more on his own. He even wants to tackle the big kids slide.

That is, when the big kids aren’t climbing up the slide. (How many of you say, politely, to the wrong-way children to only go ‘down’ the slide?)

I feel a little bit bad saying something to other kids, but soon enough my boys will be tracking wood chips up the statically charged plastic circle of death and setting bad examples for the next generation.

Levi did seem to find a used or at least soft, Now’n’later. His hands were delicious.

Time for some Play-doh fun at Grandma and Grandpa's.

The trip to the park came after Grandma Paula and Grandpa Wil rescued us again. They watched the boys for an hour so I could mow the lawn wild prairie last night.

Tonight I had my first ever Tee-Ball coach’s meeting. We will be the Angels. Any advice to the rookie skipper? I hear snacks are a big hit.
I was thinking more of windsprints on the first day to send a message.

Too harsh?

How about just getting to first base without crying?

See you tomorrow for another fun-filled YBHA adventure. Join us next time when you hear Levi say, “No.”


One thought on “A little fresh air in Day 3 of YBHA VI

  1. Windsprints. Definitely windsprints. Find out who really wants to be there. You don’t want to be known as the soft coach so you have to get after them right away.

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