We like to dance during YBHA VI

Are these Easter outfits made for Dancin'? U Bet!

Music can do wonders.

We know it makes it feel better and can bring a smile to face.

It can also make toddlers and little boys happy.

Since the first of the year, we’ve really started to listen to more music in our house. The boys already listen to a bit of music while at daycare. Noah’s class spends time between country and pop. He hears Star 102.5 a lot. This means he’s very familiar with Justin Bieber. He recently got his first CD and it was Justin. I may have to play the Eric Hanson version of the song.

Levi hears music and has that cute toddler dancing thing down. I’m still trying to record his moves to share with the world.

We will pull out the iTunes during dinner when Mom is gone. Since we are in Yeager Boys Home Alone (YBHA) VI Day 2, we had a little music with our supper.

Since the Wartburg College Castle Singers were in town and we were unable to go, I decided a little Nate Vaughn was in order. Nate is a senior at Wartburg. He’s in Castle Singers, the same group Amy and I were in years ago. I’ve gotten to know him through several connections.

Nate’s a creative guy with a bright future. He and some of the other Communication Arts students had a little fun last year with Miley Cyrus’ Party In The USA. Spencer (another former Castle Singer), Gabi, Amanda, Abbey and Mac were the stars of the show.

I know, exposing Noah to Miley is only asking for trouble, but this was a good exception. We had a little fun. We listen to Margaritaville (The Salt Song), Paradise City (much to the head shaking of mom) and even Hey Ya from Outkast.

I don’t have them asking for Arcade Fire yet, but we’ll get there.

See you tomorrow.

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