Closing in on 5

Noah brought the charm early. Hes only 30 days old in this picture.

My little boy Noah is closing in on his 5th birthday. Can you believe that? It seems like only last week we brought our first-born from the hospital to our house in Bettendorf.

Now he’s getting ready for kindergarten in the fall.

During his lifetime:

He attended his first baseball game (Swing of the Quad Cities)

Seen the St. Louis Cardinals in person and 12 total MLB games.

He’s moved to Ankeny.

Noah at his first Wartburg/Central football game.

The St. Louis Cardinals won the 2006 World Series.

Gone to countless Iowa Cubs games.

Been bored to death by his father.

Talks more than his father. (“I’m just kidding.” That’s his new line.)

Learned to walk.

Learned to ride a bike.

Learned that mom is the coolest.

Got a Twitter account.

Noah grows his first goatee.

Got a new brother.

Threw up in the car.

Driven a tractor.

Had his tonsils removed.

Signed up to play on his first tee-ball team.

Caused a lifetime of memories.

Constantly embarrassed by his father on this blog and in the Twitter world.

I can’t wait to do it for another 5 years.


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