5 good minutes in April ’11

This blog is all over the map. I admit that. I’ve got friends still reporting and anchoring and recovering from brain tumor removal surgery. (BTW, Fran was scheduled to go home on Monday. It is a miracle.)

One thing I do is keep track of my two boys. I like documenting their progress in life and the changes that are happening to them.

I started 2011 off in full detail, but recently I’ve spared you from too many mundane happenings, I leave those for their twitter feeds. @NoahYeager and @LeviYeager/

Each month I try to have a 5 minute conversation with the boys. The talk with Noah is pretty easy to do. The conversation with Levi is a little more challenging.

Noah is getting ready for kindergarten. He likes school, Toy Story, baseball, soccer and his mom. Here, we talk about a few things happening with him as he gets ready to graduate from preschool.

He’s the ham. I’m not sure where that comes from.

Levi is a little hard to pin down for an interview. He doesn’t like to be on the other side of the camera. He likes to see himself on my iPhone camera. It is a good thing he can watch himself while I talk to him. His ability to talk is quickly progressing. He’s babbling a lot (still not sure where that comes from) and now starting to form words. Since I recorded this video on April 5, 2011, he’s doing some animal sounds and more words like ball, mom, dad, papa and his best, no.

He’s a dancer, but I don’t have that fully captured on video yet.

The knot on his head looks much better and his eyebrow is slowly starting to grow back.


  1. Hi Paul, I was led to your blog whilst research dermis cyst. My 7 month daughter has an external angular dermoid cyst on her left eyebrow like your little fella, Levi. I noticed Levi had his surgery. We have had several different opinion on the whereabouts of incision – above, below and in the eye crease. Levi,s looks like it is above. How have you found this in terms of scarring? Does the hair in eyebrow grow back? I would really appreciate you feed back on the scar. Kind regards, danielle (Lux’s mum)

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