Knot for long

Levi stands in Noah's way.

It is a good thing my little guy won’t remember much from this part of his first 18-months of life. He will though, have some scars to point to as a reminder of what happened under his dear Mom and Dad’s care.

First, it was surgery to remove a cyst from above his eye.

Now, he’s got a little something else to deal with and see in pictures when he’s older.

Sunday was a gorgeous day and finally a chance to get out of the house. Noah and I played a lot of baseball last year and he was itching to do so again this spring. We were doing really good at keeping Levi behind the batter, talking to Noah about making sure Levi is far away before swinging his bat and just being careful as the big brother swinging a bat.

Mission accomplished on the diamond.

Not so in the living room.

We had some friends over for dinner to chat about our pending trip to San Francisco (any ideas on things to do in the city and in the wine country?) on Sunday evening.

It was almost time for goodbyes when Levi and Noah were getting a little too close to each other.

Levi's forehead about 15 minutes after hitting the table.

Levi was bent over trying to pick out some markers to chew on, when Noah wanted to sit on the couch which was right next to where Levi was located. Noah didn’t shove Levi, but tried to move his body a little bit too strong and sent Levi straight into a table.

We heard an unfriendly thud and the silent cry.

You know the one.

For those of you who don’t allow your children to be injured, it’s the one where they do something that hurts so bad, the first scream is silent. The yelp is pinched off and is replaced by the face altering, lip curling, quiet shriek. Then comes the yell and whimper.

But little Levi didn’t fuss long. We tried to get some ice on it, but within seconds, we had a major bump on our hands, rather, forehead.

Levi is all smiles after his bath, even with a knot the size of Texas on his head.

Levi didn’t really complain during his bath. But rather, he was all smiles. You can see this picture after he was dressed, he was a happy camper.

We just couldn’t get over how fast that bump appeared. It didn’t seem to hurt, but he would fawn at it if we paid any attention to it during bath and books.

We gave him a little something for pain before bed and he slept all night until the morning.

When I got him up Monday morning, he was happy with smiles to share.

Levi was all smiles in the morning.

And that’s a good thing. It was picture day at his school.

He got a haircut on Saturday. Amy thought it may have been a bit short, but his hair was just long enough to cover the bump site.

I say site, because by morning, the bump was gone and all that was left was a little purple spot at the point of impact.

We will see how those pictures turn out and whether Levi only had glue left in his eyebrow.

I guess dad should have looked at the other side of his head.


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