PP & M in March, 2011

Levi looks to Sports Illustrated for all his information for his Fantasy baseball draft.

What have we talked about here on the blog in the month of March? How about a little recap.

The NCAA men’s basketball tournament began this month and at times, it was pretty late in starting some of those game. I guess the NCAA is Not for Children After All.

Back on the 9th, we talked about several media members changing call letters or getting out of the business altogether. A couple of additions here, WHO Radio’s Jon Miller and Steve Deace both left the Mighty 1040. They launched a new, but short-lived, venture on SportsByLine radio.

This post also included movements at KWWL. Those have yet to happen, but word is a new morning anchor has been hired, just no official start date has been released.

Jeriann Ritter did come back to WHO-TV after her maternity leave was complete. Then Lynn Melling had her second child. Also congrats to my old weekend co-anchor Jaime Copley on the arrival of her daughter. She’s 6 and 10 anchor at KIMT in Mason City. I guess that pregnancy thing is making the rounds again.

Levi is back to climbing stairs and following his brother.

My little dude Levi had a wild month which included a surgery. He had a cyst removed. He’s fully recovered, except his eyebrow has yet to fully grow back.

And my work place remains a little tense as our lawmakers at a state and federal level continue to hammer out our funding future. The US House has already decided to zero out funding for Corporation for Public Broadcasting. The senate is still working on their version of the bill. We also are waiting to see what happens in Des Moines.

Please call your lawmaker how you feel about public broadcasting and its main funding source.


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