Levi says doc, “you should see the other guy.”

Levi pre-surgery on Wednesday.

It has been a long day in the Yeager household.

Levi had surgery today.

We’ll get to the procedure a bit.

You can see the before picture here of our smiling 17-month-old toddler. Look at his left eyebrow.

There’s a little bump above the brow that is getting bigger and needed attention. Thanks to my sister Julie for noticing it around Thanksgiving. Her oldest, Paige, had the same thing done. We hadn’t noticed anything out of the ordinary.

Even kids can't make the hospital gowns look pleasant. Levi before surgery on Thursday, March 3, 2011.

Following a doctor consult and referral, we were told Levi had a familial external angular dermoid cyst and he was going to need surgery to remove the cyst before it led to future problems.

The cyst was only going to get bigger if nothing was done. The exact cause is unknown, but the imperfection in the skin is left behind and more layers build on top and eventually become visible.

At first, you didn’t really notice the cyst, but the closer you looked and the farther down the road we got, the  more you could notice the bump on his brow.

Levi is ready to depart.... with mom's purse.

We had Levi to the hospital at 630a (early for Paul, not so much for Amy) to prep for surgery. This meant a few alterations on our routine, but the biggest was the ‘no eating before surgery’ thing. Levi likes to eat. This really wasn’t much of a problem during prep.

Levi was content on trying on his gown. It was not even flattering to a cute little kid.

He was ready to leave, grabbing mom’s purse and making a run for the door a few minutes in to the pre-surgery time. It was a long 75 minutes to keeping him occupied and not thinking about food.

We were doing good until the last few minutes before surgery. We passed him to a nurse as he was in full cry. When Noah got his tonsils out at age 3, he walked down the hall and waved. Not so much with Levi.

Post-surgery feeding.

At right, this was the little boy we got 55 minutes later.

He had a closed left eye, some stitches and glue.

As my old professor and mentor Grant Price said while speaking before a convocation with a blackened eye he earned while running, “you should see the other guy.”

That’s what Levi looked like, he’d been in a fight with the pavement.

Levi was starving and drank a sippy of milk in 45 seconds. Then he started going to town on a sippy of apple juice when the crankies hit. Levi was a bear for 20 minutes until he gave in and went back to sleep. Amy got to hold him for an hour while he slept. She hadn’t done that in some time. Toddlers don’t like being held when sleeping. Or maybe it is just my toddlers don’t like being held.

Cut me.

Following his nap in the recovery room, Levi started to smile. He was very docile when we left and sat quietly in his car seat on the way home.

When we got back to the house, he was happy, but still couldn’t open that left eye. He would paw at it, but we tried to distract him with food, beverage and grandma and grandpa.

He did great all afternoon, even taking a nearly 3-hour nap. We just hope that continues overnight and for a few more days while he heals and the swelling goes down. That should happen Friday. His stitches are supposed to dissolve naturally and the glue will fade away as well. We just can’t get it wet for a bit.

I'm the sick one, the DVD player is mine.

We need to keep Levi from daycare one more day before the weekend. We just have to make sure he and his brother don’t get too rough and wrestle to rip those stitches out of his eyebrow.

That’s what DVDs are for, to distract, heal and bond with a brother.

Thanks to all for the comments and prayers for Levi.

He’s a tough little booger.

Just like his mommy.


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