Iowa’s Simple Pleasures: Season Two

Phil Blobaum shoots the conversation between Dan Kaercher and Mike Rastrelli in Clinton.

A restaurant is great place to put Dan Kaercher, host of the IPTV program Iowa’s Simple Pleasures.

I spent a few days on the road with Dan for season two of ISP, including a couple of restaurants. (You can watch Season 1 by clicking here.)

We went to Rastrelli’s in Clinton where Dan made some sausage and pizza. We had  a great time that night and ate our selves silly. When I was editing, all I could think about was bread, pizza and hot fudge sundae. That is a good thing about traveling with Dan, eating well. He must live on his treadmill when not on the road with us.

Phil captures the conversation between Dan Kaercher and Heidi Plummer of Kernel Cody's Popcorn Shoppe.
We also took a trip to the best tenderloin in Iowa at Goldie’s in Prairie City and even a visit to the Mississippi River town of LeClaire. The stop in LeClaire led us to Kernel Cody’s Popcorn Shoppe along the riverfront.

Dan and I also made a trip to Templeton and expose a secret. Ok, it is not that big of a secret, but it is where they bottle Templeton Rye. Back in July, I attended the Rock ‘n Rye event for part of the story.


For the rest of the week, I”ll be posting stories about those trips.

You too, can see a preview of the show during our Festival programming on Iowa Public Television. The preview show runs March 10th at 8:30 PM. I know part or all of my LeClaire piece will air that night.

Thank you for your support of IPTV and our programming.


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