Hats start your day off right

Amanda Lewis, KCCI-TV8

And we’re back with another fun time with hats, hoods, or even ear muffs, as you’ll see in this latest post on the Iowa media and their hats. A new installment came your way recently featuring mostly Quad City media members. Because you know, hats aren’t just for breakfast in the QCA. We begin with KCCI’s Amanda Lewis. We’ll get to her new anchor pairing in a bit.

Mark Tauscheck, KCCI-TV8

Here’s KCCI part-timer and new daddy Mark Tauscheck. The former TV13 reporter occasionally picks up shifts for Iowa’s News Leader. Mark recently became a new dad and I hope he’s enjoying some special time in those early weeks of life. His classic headband was needed on this report.

Megan Salois, WHO-TV13

My thanks to everyone’s friend RHS76 for this shot of Megan Salois. The weekend meteorologist for TV13 has been busy since Jeriann Ritter delivered her baby. Megan and Brett McIntyre have pulled a lot of shifts to cover Jeriann’s well-deserved leave.

Jessica Daley, WOI-TV

Now to the ABC5 family of reporters. We had a good one from weekend anchor Christina Palladino in the last hat post, now it is time for Jessica Daley to bring her hat. Boy did she ever. This classic hat is back in fashion and back on television. You can follow Jessica on Twitter if you’re into that kind of thing.

Joe Augustine, WOI-TV5

Sticking with the ABC5 family based in West Des Moines, not Ames, here’s Joe Augustine. This reporter is usually drawing the shortest of all the short straws. He’s usually the one in the cold, snow, rain and whatever other elements Iowa can throw at him. Actually, it is whatever his assignment desk and producers throw at him. The weather just happens to be part of the story. That is the glory of the job.

Megan Reuther, WHO-TV13

The original title of this series of posts dedicated to hats, talked about breakfast. How many of you have eaten breakfast when you see this smiling face on TV? TV13’s Megan Reuther is on your TV most mornings. Even when pregnant, she’s still out and about. Thanks to trusty photojournalist Trent Reicks or Roger Riley, you’ll have Megan in your living room. That morning reporter gig is a tough one, but fun if the right story comes along. Or easy. During the most recent set of storms, Megan couldn’t get out of her driveway, so the live truck came to her so she could do her morning live shots. How many of us want that to happen to us when work comes to us, even on snow days?

Eric Hanson, KCCI-TV8

Now it is time for the white, Norwegian rapper. I’m talking about Eric Hanson. He’s not going all Justin Bieber on us, but wearing the good old ear muffs. A TV reporter has to protect his hair. Especially those who are rappers. But usually the rappers wear stocking caps. C’mon, Eric, a little consistency with your reputation.

Emily Price, KCCI-TV8

KCCI weekend anchor Emily Price also gets some outdoor time during big storms. Here is Mrs. Dave Price. Emily’s husband also anchors weekends, but on Channel 13. It would be tough to be in the same house and have the same job, but at different stations. I’m sure there’s a little couch talk between Dave and Emily about work and stories. I can only imagine how hard it is to not tell the other about your story ideas. But there’s still a fire in each one to beat the other, so that keeps them tight-lipped with the other. They are Mizzu-rah grads after all.

Molly Nelson, KCCI-TV8

Molly Nelson is another one of those morning reporters. You’ll find her on the air at the same time as Megan Reuther, but on KCCI’s Newschannel 8 This Morning. Now that show is anchored by Steve Karlin and Katie Ward. Plus you’ve got the new morning meteorologist Wes Callison in the house now that Bryan Kerrick has moved north. Molly is a former Drake basketball player and like Brett McIntyre of Ch. 13, the pride of Fort Dodge.

Marcus Macintosh, KCCI-TV8

The former holder of the male morning anchor chair was Marcus Macintosh. He’s now anchoring Saturday and Sunday mornings on KCCI. He’s now teamed with Amanda Lewis. I still get a lot of inquiries about what happened to Marcus Macintosh? He’s still on Channel 8, just different days. The official reason given for the change was to give experience and help to the expanded weekend newscasts. Now that he’s not anchoring as many days, he’s now being thrown into the reporter mix like he was this day on assignment in Prairie City. Ahhhh, PC, home of Goldie’s Ice Cream Shoppe, the buffalo preserve and much of my family.

Megan Brown, WHO-TV13

Here’s a look at WHO-TV multimedia journalist Megan Brown on the air back in December. You can’t really see her face as the picture was a little washed out, but you can clearly see her hat in the dark night sky. That’s a great backdrop for live shots from the TV13 basement/garage door. It is not as good as the old Des Moines skyline shot as viewed from the employee door, but it will work.

Hat Guy.

I’m not sure who this guy is. He was in a KCCI story one day and I thought he deserved to be in the hat posts. Could you imagine if this trend caught on with reporters? You wouldn’t have to identify them with name keys on the bottom of the screen. You would just have to listen to the sound of their voice and their story. I guess that type of thing already exists. It is called radio.


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