Hats, they’re not just for breakfast anymore

Lee Rouse in front of the WHO-TV 13 live truck.

I’ve asked. You’ve responded. Here’s another installment of Paul Yeager’s Hat Parade.

I like to see pictures of TV reporters wearing hats while doing live shots. I used to not wear a hat and just freeze off my ears. That’s why I’ve got small ears. They’re like that cat we had growing up, she wouldn’t come in from the cold and had her ears freeze off.

We begin with the photographers. They are behind the scenes. Occasionally, you may see their hand in a live shot. This is my old friend Lee Rouse of WHO-TV in Des Moines. Lee was behind the camera the day back in 2007 when he and Jon Cahill were out in a snow storm and the power line just erupted behind the subject of the interview. Anyone remember this video?

Katie Wiedeman, KCRG -TV 9, Cedar Rapids

This screen shot captures Katie Wiedeman of KCRG-TV 9 news of Cedar Rapids. She is usually based out of the Dubuque newsroom, so it is always a fun time be out and about in those hills of eastern Iowa.

This shot is more of a head band and a side, profile shot of Katie.

But it is a lid and it is on her head in a live shot on television.

It is a nice purple headband. Hey, whatever it takes to stay warm and toasty when out in the snow.

Ted McInerney, WHBF - TV 4, Rock Island.

Now we head back to my old stomping grounds and the Quad Cities.

WHBF-TV (Channel 4) gave us a couple of good shots before and they haven’t disappointed me this year either.

This is Ted McInerney of the CBS affiliate based in Rock Island.

The big snow of early February, hit the QC particularly hard, with more than a foot of snow falling in the region, some spots even seeing 17 inches of snow.

WHBF SUV stuck in the snow.

This was the type of snow where the reporters say, ‘don’t come out here unless you have to…” and they meant it. Maybe one of Ted’s co-workers should have listened the advice being given.

It snowed enough to make driving difficult for everyone.

Including reporters for WHBF. Channel 4 did a story on how the reporter got stuck, received help in getting shoveled out and moved on to the next snow desk story.

Courtney Baker, WHBF - TV 4

Again, with the WHBF reporters.

This is Courtney Baker.

She is also live outside the station’s front door, in the snow. Her hat is a nice checkered one and adds a little variety to the mix of our normal lids we see.

Concetta Callahan, WHBF - TV4

Here is another WHBF reporter, Conchetta Callahan. She too, is out the front door.

You can see how much snow is behind here (I feel like writing copy for reporters again).

The road behind her is the street that leads to the District of Rock Island, a popular weekend and night hang out for some of the younger adults.

I’m just saying, I may have been there a time or two. Blue Cat was a fun place to go…. but I digress. I think even saw my first Nada’s concert at RIBCO on a Halloween way back when.

Back to the hats.

Angie Mitchum, WQAD - TV8

We stay in the Quad Cities market and the Illinois side of the river. This is Angie Mitchum of WQAD-TV.

Channel 8 is becoming a place for former KWQC folks with Terry Swails now doing weather there. When Erik Maitland returns to the QC, he’ll be in direct competition with this former weather office mate, Mr. Swails.

Erik has been in Minneapolis since leaving Davenport a couple of years back. Mr. Maitland will be replacing Ryan Burchett in front of the chief meteorologist’s green screen.

Back to Angie, she’s in the simple black hat and wearing a scarf. I could do a post on scarves, but come on, would you really read that?

Christina Palladino, WOI - TV5.

Back to Des Moines and WOI-TV.

This is Channel 5’s weekend anchor Christina Palladino out on assignment. I believe she is at the Brenton Skating Plaza in Des Moines. It always a good spot for a night live shot. You wouldn’t need a good back light to see her red hat on television.

Christina is another QC transplant to Des Moines. She formerly worked at WHBF in Rock Island. She is not the first and probably won’t be the last to be transferred from one to the other.

Andy Fales, WHO - TV13

And we finish this post with Mr. Andy Fales.

This is a rare find. Normally, Andy will not wear a hat, but this Tuesday storm forced everyone to bundle up more than usual.
It is time for me to get ready for Andy on SoundOff with Keith Murphy.

There was another big storm in north Iowa and I expect to see some pictures soon of reporters out in the elements and wearing their protection.


  1. I’m sad to report that the only hat picture I could get while in the QCA this past week came from Genesis East Med Center, courtesy of little Miss Kenya Howard. 🙂

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