The sun did shine in Day 5 of YBHA V

The sun was almost shining when we awoke from our winter slumber on Wednesday.

The storm had passed. The sub-zero cold was setting in and the boys slept all night. Plus I was feeling 900% better than the day before. I hate being sick. So, Wednesday was off to a great start.

Or, so it seemed.

It did seem the cold was hitting a little close to home when I did get out of bed.

With a near-fever the night before, I was sleeping in short sleeves and figured that was why I was cold. But, a closer check of the furnace answered my gut feeling. Hopefully, the furnace intake was clogged and nothing more. 52 degrees is a little too cool in the house.

The boys have space heaters in their rooms, so they didn’t notice any difference. Noah cuddled up under a blanket for breakfast as I headed out to clear the air intake.

The furnace restarted, I got the driveway blown clear and we were in business. (Thanks to 72 degrees for the tip last December when the same problem happened.)

Noah was one of four kids between two classrooms. There are two rooms side-by-side that are preschool rooms and usually there’s about 30 kids between the two rooms. Today, because of a the blizzard closing Ankeny schools and 6 kids in Noah’s class sick, it was just an intimate group.

Noah got sad on drop-off. He hasn’t done that in a quite some time. He told me later it was because he was the only boy in his room at that time.

We had to make up for some lost time following work and school on Wednesday. We needed to get Mom her birthday present. Get to the airport to make sure her car was not one big drift and would start, plus get to the Wiese’s to practice for this Sunday’s special music.

We did it. And with a little time to spare. Thanks to Grandpa for riding along to the airport. He’d had a busy day of giving driveways a little extra cleaning, that was much appreciated.

When we got home from music practice, Noah decided to address the camera about his new character.

If you thought that one was silly.

Check out this one. I think I know where he gets it from.

Finally, I was able to calm Noah down to talk about his day in a normal way. He sure loves the new iPhone ability to watch what you’re recording.

The day ended with Amy telling me she was in Amsterdam, ready to board her flight for Detroit and it was on-time, no delays. But will that truly be the case?


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