At least we were above the Mendoza Line on Day 4

Levi kept us going on Tuesday.

For six hours on Tuesday, it was a good day. 6 out of 24 had us batting .250. That’s above the Mendoza line or, .200 in baseball lingo.

But those six hours weren’t all together.

The first two were fine and peaceful as the Yeager boys slept.

Then I decided to spend the next 2 hours in the bathroom.

Noah woke up early.

Dad didn’t feel good.

But our cute little Levi was ready for anything. He really was a bright shining light for us.

Thank goodness.

Oh, and there was the pending snowstorm heading our way and all across the country, including the Detroit Airport. The same airport that Amy is to fly into on Thursday. We also had a potential repeat of YBHA II warming up in the bullpen to face Mendoza.

Just before we got to day care, Noah said his stomach wasn’t feeling so good. I’d been waiting for that as kids have been dropping like flies. But as I dropped him off, he felt fine and ran off to play with friends.

Levi was great.

Dad, not so much.

I ended up leaving work for the doctor then went home to lay down for the afternoon.

I got the boys in the beginning of the good part of the storm. But about half-way into picking them up, I realized this was a bad idea. I called in the reinforcements. Thank goodness the Grandparent National Guard was able to deploy and feed the boys supper and wear them down for an hour. Thank goodness for Gen. Wil and Gen. Paula and their support in the snowstorm.

The all clear was sounded at 8:00:00 when Noah’s head hit the pillow. I was in bed at 8:00:15. But the wind was howling, the snow was falling.

Let’s hope we don’t dip below Mendoza on Wednesday or Thursday.


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