Growing back to routine on Monday in YBHA V

Height night for Levi and Noah. January 31, 2011.

Mondays during YBHA (Yeager Boys Home Alone) are both good and bad.
The good is we get back to routine. The boys go to daycare and I go back to work.
The bad is the time we have starts to shrink.

But as you can tell by these pictures, they are not getting any smaller. (They are standing in front of a life-sized picture of Chris Carpenter of your St. Louis Cardinals.)

My goal in 2011 is to use this blog to update the progress of these boys. I need to remember how small they were, how much they grow and how much they’ve become little gentlemen.

This picture marks the end of the first month of 2011. I’ve got tape on the wall to show them their progress.

For Noah, I can’t rely on John Bloomberg’s height and his story of drinking milk as the reason for his massive height, to last forever. Someday Noah will figure out genetics and that John’s family is really tall. Taller than any Yeager will ever be.

Monday we had our noodles, some chicken and fruit. We took care of most major food groups. Not bad.
Tomorrow is our meat night. Noah is letting me make meat one night while Amy is gone. Noah thinks all I do is make meat when she’s not home for supper.

Tomorrow is also supposed to be kindermusik night. We’ll see the WinterDeathStorm11 will take care of that plan.

If not, I’ll make sure Noah builds some muscle up by shoveling the drive with me.

It might just make him taller.

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