Church, play dates and a missing shoe in Day 2

Noah with his friend Rohan.

Sunday’s for us involves church.

Even when Amy is away and we’re in YBHA mode, we try to make it to Holy Trinity Lutheran Church for Sunday morning.

For one, Noah has Sunday School to attend. Secondly, it gives us all a chance to get out of the house.

Sunday was no different. Some weeks I do have to sing with the choir. That’s getting to be more of a challenge with Levi not wanting to sit still and be held for the usual 3 or 4 minutes a song takes.

This morning I was to rehearse with 4 other guys for next Sunday’s service. We are part of the first Sunday for our newly called Pastor, Tim Olson. I was on call committee, so whatever we can do to help him feel welcome, it’s important to do.

I let Levi and Noah walk/run/play around our practice room. That lasted 90 seconds and they were both needing my attention. So, my apologies to the guys as I tried to balance the boys and learn that alto part in Beautiful Saviour. Any ideas on cool arrangements, send them to Andy Pollock.

Noah made it to church school without incident and Levi and I made it through 30 minutes of the service. He seems to do better when penned in like a sheep, and not having an aisle of easy escape nearby. Today Levi wanted to be in the aisle and not with me.

Following church was lunch. Always an adventure. Levi likes to feed himself. Look for that update later this week.

I got Levi to sleep fairly easy and Noah had 20 minutes of quiet time before the babysitter arrived. I had to go back to church for the annual meeting. Those yearly gatherings are always entertaining. This was no exception. The boys were good for Bridgett. Noah likes having her for a babysitter.

The boys and their track.

Prior to Amy’s departure on Saturday, a play date was set up with Noah’s long-time friend Rohan.

These two characters were friends at their last daycare and have continued to play together since going to different centers.

They enjoyed an afternoon of playing with a race track and other normal shenanigans those two manage to create.

Levi and I attacked the grocery store during the play time. As I took Levi out of his car seat, I noticed he only had one shoe. So, I removed the remaining shoe and took him into the store  with only socks on his feet.

He’s a good shopper and even performs a few taste tests on the carts. I’ll let the folks at Hy-Vee know if we found any germs as they work through his system.

When Levi and I got back to Rohan’s, we found Levi’s shoe laying in Rohan’s driveway. It was a little cold, but it still fit his foot.

The boys struggled through supper as Noah was hungry and Levi was just pleased to have a banana for supper.  Noah and I made pizza. The mess was a good one, but worth it.

We made it through the weekend. Let’s hope the forecasted snow doesn’t alter our game plan for the coming week.

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