A reunion on Day 1 of YBHA V

Noah, Amy and Levi. Can you see how happy Levi is?

Here we go again with another fun-filled edition of the Yeager Boys Home Alone or YBHA. This is the fifth installment of this week when Amy heads out of the country for a few days for work.

The last time, in YBHA IV, Amy departed in November at the same time as the state high school football finals.

This trip has her heading back to Holland.

We started with a few standards.

We got our traditional picture of the boys with Amy. The only time we didn’t get that shot, we know how that trip ended, 6 days later. You can see how happy Levi is in this shot. He was still waking up from his nap. I held him for part of it so he could get a few more ZZZs and Noah and Amy could have a little one-on-one time. That’s important for Noah.

Another popular starting point is Aunt Kris and cousin Maddox.

Kris and I had planned to get together anyway this day as we were holding a Winter Warm up for Section 10.

The view from Section 10.

Section 10 is where we sit at Principal Park for the Iowa Cubs games. Our uncle Gordon and his friends sit in the front row. It is only our third year in the section. The 2011 season will be the fourth. So we’ve gotten to know Bill and Linda, Ron and Chandler. I’ve had a lot of great nights at the park solving the world’s problems with those five.

When the I-Cubs stopped doing their own winter warm up, this year Kris thought it would be good to get together in January to talk baseball and see how big the boys have gotten.

Ron and Eileen are out of the country, but we did get to see the Coleman’s tonight along with Gordon.

Stop by Section 10 the next time you’re at Principal Park.

Time to get to bed. Noah woke up at 550 this morning and Levi may not feeling well. This could be a recipe for disaster. This isn’t the Charlie Sheen cocaine bender. We go to bed before the sun rises.


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