She had that baby on Monday

Newest Ch. 13 Staffer, Nick.

Congratulations are in order to Jeriann Ritter on the birth of her second child, Nicholas Paul. He was born Monday morning at 8:18 A.M., January 17, 2011 and is a healthy 10 pounds, 8 oz. and 22 inches long.

Luke is now a big brother. Rob is a dad to two boys now with Jeriann.

This is the second son for the WHO-TV morning meteorologist. She made the announcement on the news in July, in a cute way with Luke getting to deliver the message. The video of the announcement has expired on the website, but the still picture in the past post is the story.

Look for Brett McIntyre to be on your morning TVs for the next few weeks while Jeriann is on maternity leave. He’ll join Patrick Dix, Brooke Bouma and Brad Ehrlich on Today In Iowa on Channel 13.

I know my College Wrestling producing partner Brian Vandell will remember Nick’s birthday. Both will share the 17th of January as their birthdays.

To recap, yes, Jeriann Ritter had her baby. She’s doing well and is now down with maternity clothes and she’s no longer pregnant.


  1. Murph and Andy were talking about Jeriann and Baby Nick on their show today. Andy was in shock that Nick came in at a healthy 10 lbs..

    That is a big boy!

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