Back to the library

Noah and Levi play at the library's train table.

There’s an old joke in our house about Amy knowing where the library was at Wartburg and Paul only knowing where the library was while giving ambassador tours for the admission’s office.

That is very much the truth.

Those accounting/finance majors knew the library well. Communication Arts students, well, it was on the way to the athletic complex.

During our time in Bettendorf, we were very close to the library there. I would walk over for a few books.

When Noah could walk and get around a bit, we decided it was time to start exposing Noah to the library.

We used to make a journey to the Kirkendall Library for a break in the routine. We would go a lot in the winter to give a chance to get out of the house. Noah really liked playing with the train table. Maybe we would color or actually read a book, but mostly it was the train table.

During Levi‘s first year, we really didn’t go to the library. It wasn’t the place for a baby. But now, we’ll just bring him out to get his chance to play with the trains.

Tonight we made a trek to the library.

Levi was right at home.

He was really loud.

So, if you don’t have a silent trip to the Ankeny Library, chances are, we were the noise pollution. My apologies in advance.


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