Not home to see the Lil’ Trucker

Levi makes his way down the stairs.

My little trucker is growing up. Today we took Levi to the doctor for his 15-month appointment.

Seriously. Where did 15 months go?

Levi can climb both up and down the stairs, walk backwards and understand almost everything you say to him. Especially when he plays peek-a-boo.

Today he weighed in at 24 pounds 9 oz,  standing 30 and 3/4 inches tall. He’s not setting records in either of those categories, but he is a Yeager after all.

One of the great things about working in my current job at IPTV is the chance to be home most evenings. This allows me to spend more than 30 minutes with the boys at during a supper break. Now I can pick up from daycare if needed and just be a dad.

But sometimes the job requires an evening or two away from home. The nice thing is many of those nights are planned ahead of time and I can steal a few minutes in the morning to get in some extra dad time before departure. I like the opportunity to speak to groups, it is a fun part of the job. If you’re interesting in having IPTV speak to your group, let me know with a note to

Tuesday night I got a chance to speak to the Lions Club of Windsor Heights. Thanks for the invitation and listening to my speech. I don’t wear a cape like Dan Wardell, but we try to have a little fun. Jerry Adams was my contact. He’s a retired meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Des Moines. He’s also a Dowling dad as his children graduated from there and his grandson goes to school there now. He was at the championship game back in November.

Noah was still up when I got home. He will keep himself awake when either of us are not home at bedtime. He will stay up to see if he can sneak a few minutes with us when we get home later than normal. Tonight his delay tactics worked and he got to have some cuddle time. Darn kid. It is hard to be mad at him when he’s acting all cute.


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