The Boys in 2011

Noah being Noah

Thanks to a few folks, I will try to keep a more regular documentation of my boys in 2011.

Brian Allen’s blog got me thinking about memories of parents and children. I know that’s not the only thing he was saying, but it prompted my brain.

The time we are living in right now allows us to document our lives easier than ever before.

My boys both have Twitter accounts. They don’t actually run them, but I can write moments for remembrance and documentation.

So this year, I will try to be regular, detailed and embarrassing. They are only this young once. Levi and Noah already are growing up way too fast. I don’t want just one picture of us existing. I want 1,000 a year. I love those stinkers more than I thought was possible.

What else is a father for? Is it my fault some of those young Paul videos are possibly lost?

BTW, the picture is from the Yeager Family Christmas when I got the three grandsons to pose for a picture. Maddox and Levi were great. Noah, well, you can see I got his best side.

These posts help keep their childhood written down the way I know how, on the internet. Enjoy.

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