She’s having a baby, someday

Jeriann Ritter and Paul Yeager on his final day at WHO-TV back in 2007.

Let’s get this out in the open. We are not having a baby. We’ve already done that with Noah and Levi. And I don’t mean me and Jeriann.

I’m talking about our friend Jeriann Ritter. The morning meteorologist at WHO-TV in Des Moines is pregnant with her second child. She’s due soon and is working as long as the doctors let her.

I am here to answer a few questions many of you have typed into Google. And lots of you have asked. I guess weather people really drive interest in Iowa. See previous posts on Bryan Karrick. Maybe I should write about Terry Swails or Eileen Loan.

Ok, back to the questions.

Yes. Jeriann Ritter is pregnant.
She is having a baby.
When is Jeriann Ritter due? Mid-January.

I guess many of you found this post asking the question, “What’s in the water?” It featured many of Des Moines area TV ladies becoming mothers.

Many of those mentioned in the post were able to hide behind a desk, plant, or prop in a stand up.
But not Jeriann. When Channel 13 switched to high-definition on all newscasts, they also made changes to their weather package which included showing the meteorologists. ALL of the meteorologists.

I know that the blog kept by the morning crew at Today In Iowa, anchor Patrick Dix has answered several questions about Jerriann and the pending arrival of the baby. Also, the TV13 holiday promo with the morning team was great. Pat and Brooke plus Brad decorating the tree. Then Jeriann comes in, dressed as Santa. Classic Kevin Rivers there.

Jeriann told me last week she hopes the boy comes sooner than the January 17th due date.

Even a Wartburg grad wishes his friend the Buena Vista Beaver the best on her pending arrival.

One comment

  1. It was the Christmas Weather Team promo (by the amazing Kevin Rivers) where Jeriann walked in as Santa 🙂 Perfect touch! I especially loved the heels Jeriann was wearing!

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