You can’t spell Oscar without CR

Downtown Cedar Rapids.

The city of 5 seasons, smells and high schools is about to get some big time attention.

Get ready for “Cedar Rapids“, the movie.

Have you seen this? Or even heard of this?

First the Butter movie with Jennifer Garner has a little Iowa tie that’s set for release in 2011.

Now comes a story about an insurance convention to the big screen. Ironic? Or just good homework? I guess to truly be Iowan, they would have called a movie about insurance, Des Moines.

My old bus 11 pal Chris Corkery has the right words to describe this.

Not since Field of Dreams has Iowa seen this kind of heat. Complete with
the 500 Days of Summer voice over. If you film “The Iowa Hangover,” they will come.

Here’s the trailer to the movie. Enjoy.

Here’s the official IMDB on the flick. The synopsis of the movie is this:

A naive Midwesterner insurance salesman travels to a big-city convention in an effort to save the jobs of his co-workers.

Again, thanks to Michael Van Gorkom and Chris Corkery for pointing out the movie to the world. At least, my world.

There’s a few cover shots of the city in the trailer to show the movie’s producers at least bought some stock video of town.

There’s a great cast in this film. I love Stephen Root. He was brilliant in Office Space, which starred Marion-native Ron Livingston. Root played Jimmy James in NewsRadio.

Ed Helms, John C. Reilly, Sigourney Weaver, Anne Heche, Rob Corddry and Bob and Tom favorite Mike Birbiglia all star in the movie.

You know, you can’t spell Oscar without CR.


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