Ann Arbor looks a lot like Cedar Rapids

The Clarion Hotel on Jackson Road hosted filming for the Hollywood movie "Cedar Rapids" this week. Melanie Maxwell |

Turns out the producers of the movie Cedar Rapids did want to film the movie in Iowa. (Here’s a little background on the movie Cedar Rapids.)

But at that moment in mid-September of 2009 when pre-production was taking place, the scandal around the Iowa’s Film tax credits was hitting a high note.

So producers went to plan B. Ann Arbor, Michigan.

If you read some of the archives of you’ll see a few stories on the movie. Like how producers turned the Clarion Inn into a hotel in Cedar Rapids.

Almost a year to the day of this trailer coming to light, production on the film was wrapping
in Michigan.

So again, the Wolverines beat the Hawkeyes. The state of Michigan has chased films after state’s like Iowa suspended the tax cut program. Incoming re-Governor Terry Branstad has said he’ll review the film program, but says he doesn’t see a big tax break portion of the program coming back.


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