A white, rapping Norwegian, in church

I can’t make this up.

But when TeeVee’s Eric Hanson told me…

I do get to stretch my boundaries and participate in Hope’s kids Christmas program this coming weekend. I’m the only adult, playing a reporter (imagine that) with hundreds of kids in front of 10,000+ Hopesters… and (get ready) I have to rap to a Justin Bieber song. Yes, this could be interesting for a Norwegian Lutheran!

Now, we have video proof of Mr. Eric Hanson of KCCI fame serving as a “reporter” during Lutheran Church of Hope’s children’s Christmas program. Eric is a member there in West Des Moines at Mr. Mike Householder‘s congregation.

Also to share, Eric’s former work place and mine, KWWL, put together this fun video. It appears to feature every employee in the building. I saw many friends who are behind the scenes, including assignment editor, also Wartburg grad, Jason Mortvedt in the video. Another Wartburg grad Leslie Ortner is in the video as well.

Think Ferris Bueller’s Day Off meets the crew on E. 4th Street.

Here’s “Twist and Shout” that includes a dancing Ron Steele.

Then there’s the Dubuque Bureau’s version..

Now, if I couldn’t only get all of those KWWL’ers to wear a hat. Lauren Squires wore one last year for our hat posting. I did catch a few of the other Channel 7 reporters in hat last week in this post. Mr. Hanson had a hat on last year as well as documented in this post.


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