New winter, new hats

It is the most wonderful time of the year. Reporters being sent out into the snow to tell of ghost stories and travels of long, long ago.

It is time for a new crop of TV reporters to head out and into the winter.

Emily Carlson on Saturday night.

Here we go.

We begin with the Blizzard of 2010.

This is Emily Carlson of WHO-TV13 during her 6p live shot. The snow and wind made it entertaining to watch.

I gotta say, those HD live shots look great. You can really see snow falling and the lights and blowing snow in those freezing arse shots.

Joe Augustine WOI-TV.

Here’s Joe Augustine of WOI-TV. This looked like what we call a “look live” shot, but he still had to go out into the storm.

His hat held him tight and all of us at home were really warm.

Joe is wearing the standard black stocking cap. Much like our friend Matt Davis would wear during his KWQC TV6 days. That was when Dwyer and Michael’s would make fun of him, but felt sorry enough for him to send Matt a couple of new hats to wear on the air.

Ah, I miss those Two Dorks and their pumpkin drop and adult Easter egg hunt.

Laura Nichols
Laura Nichols, KCCI-TV

A new reporter to the Des Moines market is Laura Nichols of KCCI-TV. This Channel 8 reporter is a Missouri graduate and is full into the Iowa winter.

I could really get into the make and knit of the hat, but won’t do that. Maybe we’ll get a hat expert to do that. She, too, was sent out Saturday night, during the height of the storm to get the story.

Megan Brown
Megan Brown, WHO-TV

Another new market member is WHO-TV’s Megan Brown. She is a new multi-media journalist for Rod Peterson’s crew.

Translation, she’s a one-man band. She shoots her own video, edits it and appears on air. Here she is during a Sunday morning live shot.

Best to her in trying to stay warm this winter.

Molly Nelson
Molly Nelson of KCCI was out in the elements this weekend.

Now we bring in Molly Nelson of KCCI. She was featured in the teaser post for this season.

Molly is an experienced reporter of the market.

The Fort Dodge native is married to a college friend’s brother. Confusing? Her husband is Perry Peterson‘s brother. Perry and I were members of the class of 1998 at Wartburg College.

She’s also a former Drake basketball player, who in my opinion, has made great strides in her career at Channel 8 since starting.

Emily Carlson2
Emily Carlson, still with WHO-TV

Here again is Emily Carlson of WHO-TV.

Different day, different hat.

Same style, but different color of lid. Almost same camera location, but that back door of 1801 Grand provides many views of Des Moines. There used to be a great live shot place with a beauty shot of the DM Skyline, but a loft blocked that view.

I think that loft is mostly empty today.

Recognize her? It’s Emily Carlson again of WHO-TV.

I have a theory of what’s going on here, but won’t share it but with my IPTV lunch crew. I believe Julie, Dave and Brian have heard the story too many times before.

At least I’m not talking about a certain morning anchor who’s changing shows.

Andy Ireland
Andy Ireland, KCCI-TV

Good to see the sports guys wearing protection.

Andy Ireland of KCCI was sent to Iowa City this week for coverage of the Hawkeye Football team. I believe you call Andy a journalist in this situation.

Is his camera operator a member of the media? A press person? That’s another discussion for another day. Maybe we’ll let Rob Howe of the Hawkeye Insider and Matt Perrault of KXNO discuss that another time.

Keri Gavin
Keri Gavin, KCCI-TV

And we have Keri Gavin of KCCI back in the blog.

She made an appearance last season with her hat.

Glad to have her back on the beat reporting from the Iowa Statehouse in her standard hat. There was a white construction hat one would wear on a tour of new facility or something, if my memory serves me.

Now time to bring in some other hats from around the state.

Kera Mashek, KWWL-TV

We head to my home area of northeast Iowa.

This would be the entry from KWWL-TV’s Kera Mashek. She’s standing out from of the Channel 7 studios along E. 4th Street in Waterloo.

Notice the school closing listed below her. How fitting that Jesup comes up at the exact moment of her hat’s appearance.

As Col. Hannibal Smith would say, “I love it when a plan comes together.”

She is one of several new faces at KWWL. I guess that again is a reference to the A-Team. Not sure who the call Murdock in the station McElroy, Price and Buckmaster built.

Colleen O'Shaughnessy, KWWL

Thanks to a couple of friends in the market, I first went to to find a picture of Colleen O’Shaughnessy. A few pals said she had a good hat on her head Saturday night.

This was a story about driving north on Highway 63 and said she had trouble getting past Highway 3. I guess that’s why they call it Dead Man’s Corner. Although the original road has changed, many NE Iowa natives know exactly where I’m talking about right now.

Katie Gannon, KTIV

How about a look to the west and KTIV in Sioux City?

Here we find Katie Gannon out on the porch of Sioux City’s Channel 4. KTIV is the sister station of KWWL in Waterloo, so occasionally, you may see Katie pop up on Channel 7 while still doing work for Channel 4.

I don’t know if Katie was in the infamous We Built Sioux City video, but how about taking another look just to make sure?

If you’ve got any other hats or reporters we should look out for, let me know at and we’ll get them posted. You know this won’t be the only post on reporter hats this season. We’re just getting started, after all.

Bob Nielson, former Wartburg coach.

Now to a couple of obscure, but fun lids found while cruising the interwebs.

Thanks to Romelle Slaughter for the lead on a NFL network reporter NOT wearing a hat in Chicago last week ahead of the Bears/Patriots snow bowl.

I found RHS76 had posted a picture of Minnesota Duluth head football coach Bob Nielson. Romelle knows Coach well, as Nielson was at Wartburg our first two years on campus in Waverly.

Now, Bob is coaching UMD. The Bulldogs are playing in the Division II national championship game this weekend in Alabama. Best to the man who inspired Bob’s Band back in the 1990’s.

Ed Werder, ESPN

And thanks to the news and sports director at KCNZ, Jesse Gavin, for this picture of ESPN’s Ed Werder. The reporter for the Mother Ship is standing in front of the deflated dome in Minneapolis. I was promised some Twin Cities pictures of reporters. We’ll see what we can do for next time.

Until then, thanks for reading the blog. Glad to have you aboard.


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