Smiling Levi

Levi reads the paper.

I’m going through some of the pictures from the past year and have been reminded just how much my little Levi is growing and has grown in the last year.

Here’s a shot from late March, 2010.

Levi was playing around with the newspaper in this shot.

He’s really been a smiling little guy. I think his older brother is always helping him smile.

The two of them do seem to get along. Although, I’m not sure Levi knows he’s getting along or drug along in some moments.

How quickly they grow up. I know soon I’ll be posting their graduation pictures.

Levi at bath time.
Here’s Levi in the bath in November of 2010. There’s still quite a smile on this guy. He really loves the bath. He fights hardest when it is time to get out of the bath. He does wear earplugs to protect the tubes in his ears.

I’ll wait on posting the Christmas card photo of Noah and Levi. I’ll update you on the boys after that.

For now, enjoy my not-so-little-anymore guy.


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