T Rye, Mizzu-RAH and The Kuff

Lots of things going on that need to get a little coverage.

Templeton Rye
Get ready to see this label a lot more. Templeton Rye is back.
Templeton Rye is about to make it back onto store shelves after a long absence. I’ve got a Iowa’s Simple Pleasures story in the works. Dan Kaercher and I made a trek to Carroll County before Thanksgiving for the second part of my story. The first part of the trip was told in this post that involved the Nada’s at RyeFest. The new batch is on its way to the state’s central distribution site.

Have you seen the Applebee’s, Children and Families of Iowa ads with the two big football coaches of Kirk Ferentz and Paul Rhoades? They are using real press conference video/audio but are staging the press conference shots for questions. It kind of looks like the Coors Light ads with the famous line from former Indianapolis Colts head coach Jim Mora. Playoffs? Also, it is good to see B-Ross making an appearance.

You’ll see the ads a lot this week.

Speaking of sports, my old pal Kory Kuffler has almost a month under his belt at WQAD Newschannel 8 in the Quad Cities. Kory and I worked together at KWQC TV6 back in the day. Kory is now back in sports and having a great time.

Speaking of old media friends, now the trash talk of Iowa and Missouri will begin ahead of the Insight Bowl. I’ve worked with many Missouri Journalism School graduates. Although seeing the reaction from other folks, not many are excited about this game, just a few newsrooms.

We’re also coming up on the year anniversary of the biggest day for traffic here on Public Paul and Media. It involved TV reporters and their winter hats while covering a snow storm. Remember some of these posts? Or this one? Ah, memories. No snow like that this year.

My view of the Iowa State/Iowa wrestling meet from the production truck.
Coming up Monday at 8p on IPTV will be the Iowa State at Iowa wrestling meet. This was my first in the producer’s chair for the meet. Actually, John Nichols gets the credit, I was just along for the ride. I’ve been helping a bit with the sports side in the building. We had a little mixed crew, but I think the production looked great. See it at 8p Monday night. That includes a special award for Dan Gable, a member of our broadcast crew.


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