Sharing the Love

Family time
Time for a little family mixer!
You’ve gotta love the holidays, right?

One thing I learned during my time in news was the spreading of germs that happens at the holidays. Thanksgiving, is usually one of the worst.

Think about it, you’ve been basically in your own life the last few months and for the most part, you’ve been outside and not contained.

But when Thanksgiving rolls around, you start traveling and spending time together, usually indoors, with other family that’s not usually in your school or area. You get their strains of the cold and they get yours. You may hug or shake hands, or not think about washing your hands much because, after all, we’re family.

Sorry, Mom and Dad, but that’s my cold you’re dealing with this week. Sorry, too, to my sisters who probably picked up our bug this weekend.

I hope this post made Amy Thoreson happy, or sad because I’m writing about public health.


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