Getting Ready for the Holidays

Noah watches a movie in front of Grandma Honey's Christmas tree.

For years I was a wait until the calendar at least hit December before starting decorating, shopping or even thinking about Christmas. Now, we go all in right after Thanksgiving.


Amy has helped me a lot on that, saying if you’re going to go to all that work, at least enjoy it for a month or so. And really when I say go to all the work, I mean, she goes to all that work.

Now she decorates shortly after the turkey is almost done digesting.

Our main tree is mostly done as we’ll see how much Levi will let us finish decorating. I still need to brave the cold the assemble the lights on the house, but now the holiday music is playing on Pandora and Lite 104.1, so we’re in business.

When did you start assembling the tree? Heading to the tree farm today?

I won’t even mention how many of you spent Black Friday gathering at stores in the dark. But for the record, my good friend Michael G said it best,

He and his family were doing this in at least 1995 when we first roomed together at Wartburg. He would tell me about going to the store, getting free cracker jacks and other fun stuff while invading Rochester.

Oh the fun you learn when you start meeting new people and learning their traditions.

What are yours? What has changed since you left home? What has stayed the same?


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