No fires or blood yet as YBHA IV hits halftime

Amy holds Noah and Levi prior to her departure.

Hard to believe we are almost half-way through the 4th installment of the Yeager Boys Home Alone. Here’s a little recap on what YBHA means (YBHA1). It is a fun distraction as I also get ready for the 4A championship game in Cedar Falls on Friday night.

This week, Amy has returned to Holland for more work. We’re just hoping there’s no volcano to delay this return home.

We are in the middle this week. Let’s get caught up on what’s happened so far.

We did the Saturday drop-off this weekend to begin the YBHA4.

Before Amy left, we did the ceremonial picture of her and the boys. The only time we didn’t take this sort of picture, Amy decided she wanted to drive 19 hours from Holland to Madrid.

The cleaner, the player and the ping-pong paddler.

Following the Des Moines International Airport, we headed for Aunt Kris‘ house. Maddox was ready to see Levi. Or Wee-vi as he calls him. Maddox only knows Levi, he wasn’t sure on what Noah‘s name was. Mad-dog will be 2 on Thanksgiving, so he and the 1 year-old, Levi, didn’t really play well together. They are still working those issues out.

But when they did invade the basement, Levi was entertained with a broom while Noah and Maddox tried to play ping-pong. Toys R Us will not using these boys for their next commercial.

Maddox, Noah and Levi are pretty worn out after an evening of playtime.

Noah was very interested in the ping-pong table and wanted to play that all night. Noah is just practicing for Thanksgiving when we’ll be back at Kris and Brian’s for a wonderful holiday experience.


Following the playing, the boys were tired. Actually, that’s as close as I came to getting them to pose together for a picture.

Maybe in year.

Ok, who am I kidding. They likely won’t sit still for a photo until they graduate high school.

Grandma Honey, Noah, Levi, Farmer Papa survived the night together.

Sunday brought the Jesup cavalry. Grandma Honey and Farmer Papa helped watch the boys as I had a call committee meeting. Noah just had a simple instruction, not to listen to anything Grandpa Fish had to say. Easier said that done, but my father loves kids this age, he can just tease them and get them all riled up and it is quite enjoyable to watch.

Monday put us back into preschool and day care. No big surprises there. I just needed Grandma Paula and Grandpa Wil to be on stand by as I had to go to Jefferson to talk to their Rotary. I also snuck in a quick trip to see Aunt Lynda and Barb and Uncle Harold and also my cousin Laura.

Tuesday morning was a little different as Wil and Paula got the boys to school so I could get to West Des Moines by 7a for another IPTV speaking engagement. That will hopefully be the last of the excitement.

We did make it to Kindermusik tonight without many issues. Levi was getting tired and just wanted to go home and go to bed. Hopefully he stays asleep all night.

Now time to get ready for Dowling and City High…

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