Pumpkin Patch Day

Pumpkin Patch
Pumpkin Patch Day.

Noah’s daycare/preschool class took a field trip on Friday to the pumpkin patch.

I do like going on these field trips with him and it is fun to take some time from work to be a dad.

But Noah gets a little sad when either Amy or I go on a field trip or come to school during the day and then leave when the event is over. Noah gets sad. That’s what happened when we went to the Zoo back in May.

This time I was able to take the day off and spend it with Noah.

Here’s a little video with Noah following a trip to “The Box.” It is a dark place, almost like a training room for haunted houses. Several of his friends came running out in tears as they were scared, but Noah was a trooper.

And of course, what fall event in Iowa wouldn’t be complete with a corn pool. Instead of water, a large area is filled with shelled corn kernels and you can just walk around in it. You do get a little dusty, but it is like a big sandbox. There’s a large pool of corn at the Center Grove Orchard near Cambridge.

The kids started yelling cannonball and Happy Halloween as they jumped into the pile.

And of course we have to recap what we did. Noah and his friends go to pick a pumpkin and take it home with them.

Noah Pumpkin
Noah has his pumpkin after a big morning.

Here’s Noah and his pumpkin. This just says fall to me. The orange t-shirt is his classes field trip shirt. This helps keep the kids together and makes them easy to count. It also worked as a great windbreaker on this morning.

But really, his orange shirt was just getting him ready for Wartburg homecoming.

The next fall event is Halloween. Noah has a great costume and his brother will be his sidekick. Any ideas on what duo these two will be?


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