The IBNA wants you

IBNADear Iowa Broadcasters, the IBNA wants you.

And you want the Iowa Broadcast News Association to be a group working for you, right?

We know that budgets at every shop are tight. Money for tapes, OT and HD equipment has sucked away funds used to enter news contests.

News directors are being forced to cut anywhere they can to keep from eliminating positions. We know you work hard and your efforts should be rewarded. We can’t help you financially, but the glitz and glamour of an IBNA award is first-rate.

You work hard. You should be recognized for your efforts of informing your viewers and listeners and now readers as we all turn out dispatches into on-line stories.

IBNA Board 2010
Your 2010 Iowa Broadcast News Association Board. Front L-R, Trent Rice, Brian Allen, Dave Vickers. Back, Lauren Squires, Eric Hanson, Jeff Stein, Paul Yeager, Carla Kreegar.

We thank you for those of you who have paid your own way to conventions, entering news contests and paying membership dues. Your commitment to this organization cannot not be taken for granted. You have your own skin in, so we, as the IBNA board need to honor that.

Individual membership provides access to informational reports from the board, the organization and other vital information and source of information.

What does being a member of IBNA mean?

Look around. There’s fewer and fewer of us left in newsrooms. We have to stick together. We have to be able to give ourselves training and connections that can help us tell better stories and do our jobs better. The IBNA tries to put as much value into our annual spring convention to help us be better story-tellers, hunters and gatherers of information.

Our industry is under constant attack for being biased or having preconceived perceptions. We all need to continue our diligence in keeping honor to our craft.

We continue to adjust and adapt categories to fit the changing landscape of our newsrooms. We all are all being asked to do more with less.

I love this profession and I know many, if not all, feel the same way. As distributors or information, this is a huge responsibility we have. When we speak, we need to fair, accurate and clear. It is the fundamentals, that on occasion, get lost in the part of our hair, tie combo or hats we wear in the storm.

We thank you for your membership and want to make sure you sign up for another year. Just $15 keeps you active in IBNA. Tell your friends, co-workers and competitors. We want to see you all in Johnston in May and beyond.

Be on the lookout for notes from friends in your market. If we don’t hear from you, we’ll find you and hunt you down.

Thank you for your continued support.


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