And The Emmy© went to….

These are the Emmy's© won Saturday night by the KCRG team. (image 'borrowed' from Mike Wagner. I call this a trade for the cookie recipe.)

The 2010 Emmy’s© (Upper Midwest Region) were handed out Saturday night in Minneapolis.

First off, congratulations to all the winners. This event is presented by the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences and covers 130 categories.

So far, I’ve seen many friends posting pictures of their new statues.

It was a big night for me personally, as I won my first Emmy©. The Iowa Journal was nominated and won in the category of… Public/Current or Community Affairs Program/special or series. I know it sounds a little hybrid, but it is what we are, a mix of a lot of things. We submitted a composite of many of our shows.

The other Iowa Public Television winner was for a single story or feature. The award goes to producer Andrew Batt and videographer Steve Carns. They went on an honor flight from Rural America to Washington D.C.

Others were nominated at IPTV. A look at our other nominees is here, along with other Iowa nominees.

A big congrats to John Campbell of KCRG for his special award presented Saturday night. John is one of the hardest working people in the business. He’s covered every sport in Iowa and is a true professional and gentleman. John was put in the Silver Circle which honors for 25 years of service in the media industry.

Also, two Iowa Broadcast News Association board members picked up statues Saturday night. Justin Roberts and Paul Yeager were honored. You can learn more about becoming a member of IBNA by clicking here. So were a few of the media members listed in this post.

Our official listings of winners by Iowa Public Television is listed first.

  • Public/Current/Community Affairs – Single Story/Feature/Segment “Honor Flight Carries Heroes From Rural America” Iowa Public Television. Andrew Batt Producer/Director, Steve Carns Videographer
  • Public/Current/Community Affairs-Program/Special/Series “The Iowa Journal” Iowa Public Television: Paul Yeager Host/Producer, Nancy Crowfoot, Judy Blank, Nancy Brown, Producers.

Here’s a list of Iowa winners. There’s some talent here and all should be congratulated.

  • Teen (13 and up) – Program/Special/Series “Teen- Eyes on the Road” KCRG-TV: Nicole Agee, Ian Philbrick, Executive Producer, Julie Seebold, News Director.
  • Community/Cable/Public Access – Edited Program/Interview/Discussion “Faith Family Football: The Spirit of Iowa” Mediacom Communications Company: India Moore Producer/Editor, Jeff Anderson and Lee Grassley Executive Producers, Bob Brooks Host, Robert Silver Camera Operator, Robin Meill and Kelly Rooks Audio.
  • Graphic Arts – Animation Non News Graphic Arts Animations “Mediacom Connections MC22” Brent Willett Graphic Designer/Editor.
Lance Herbold, right, with his latest Emmy© for work at Mediacom. (image from Facebook)
  • Community/Cable/Public Access – Sporting Event/Game – Live or Live-to-tape “AHST vs. Madrid High School Football” Mediacom Communications Company: Lance Herbold, Producer, Jeff Johnson, Director, Tim Sheehan, Technical Director, Melanie Campbell, Marlyn SchramChris Gourley, Kevin Rivers Camera Operators. B. Ross A1 (Yes, that B. Ross from SoundOffBeth Haag, Duet Asst., Frank K., Stats, Kevin Heitz Floor/Spotter. BJ Schaben, Play-by-Play, Kirk Daddow, Analyst, Will Frazier and Joe Madersky, Tape, Dan Graves, Video, Debbie Keller-Ericson, Grip, Craig Knutson, Parabolic.
  • Business/Consumer: Single Story/Feature/Segment “Sky High” KGAN-TV Jack Miller, Anchor/Reporter,  Nick Moron, Photojournalist/Editor, April Samp News Director.
  • Promotion: Sports-Single Spot “Football Friday” WHO-TV Kevin Rivers, Producer/Editor (that’s 2 for him Saturday night if you’re counting).
  • Weather – Continuing Coverage “Blizzard of ’09” KCCI-TV: John McLaughlin, Chief Meteorologist, Kurtis Gertz, Meteorologist. Steve Karlin and Cynthia Fodor, Anchor/Reporters. Geoff Greenwood, Eric Hanson, Angie Hunt, Emily Price, Alex Murphy, Reporters.
  • Donna Smith, Dan Bolsem, Duane Wright, Glen Biermann, Bob Thomas, Jesse Landolt, Spencer Vaughn, Photojournalists.
  • Sports – Program Series (Outside of news) “Harrison Barnes: Eye of the Storm” KCCI-TV, Andy Garman, Sports Director/Photojournalist/Writer/Editor. Andy Ireland, Scott Reister, Sports Reporter/Photojournalist, Will Marchino, Sports Reporter.
  • Photojournalist – Sports – Within 24 Hours (Single Camera Only) “A Night in the Bigs” KCRG-TV Matt Nelson, Photojournalist (his first of two on this night).
  • Photojournalist – Sports – No Time Limit (Single Camera Only), “Composite” KCRG-TV Matt Nelson, Photojournalist (Wartburg grad).
Jon Emmy
Jon Gregg's Emmy© on the way back to Oskaloosa. (image from Jon Gregg's Facebook page).
  • Community/Cable/Public Access – Newscast Edited “CRI Weekly News” Communication Research Institute, Jonathon Gregg, Senior Producer (Another Wartburg and former KWQC intern during my days at TV6. Nice work, Jon).
  • Newscast – Weekend – Markets 141+ “232 Memorial” KTIV-TV, Matt Breen Anchor/Producer, Kristie VerMulm, Reporter/Anchor, Tia Heidebrecht, Chief Photojournalist, Bridget Breen Dir. of News & Operations.
  • Newscast – Daytime – Markets 141+ “Protient Fire” KTIV-TV, Bridget Breen, Director of News & Operations, Kim Wilson, Assistant Producer, Al Joens and Christy Batien, Anchor/Producer, Tia Heidebrect, Chief Photojournalist, Mike Flood and Brian Masters, Reporters.
  • Newscast – Daytime – Markets 21-140 “CBS 2 This Morning: Blizzard Blast” KGAN-TV April Samp, News Director, Tim Seymour, Anchor/Executive Producer, Kristine Ward, Anchor, Cameron Libe, Producer, Brittney Hibbs and Kristian Leitzen, Reporters, Justin Roberts, Weatherman, Aaron Gerhardt, Director.
  • Newscast – Evening – Markets 141+ “Little Sioux Scout Camp Tornado 1 Year Later” KTIV-TV Bridget Breen, Producer and Matt Breen, Anchor.
  • Station Excellence – Markets 21-140 “KCRG Station Excellence” KCRG-TV, Ian Philbrick, Station Excellence and Julie Seebold, News Director.

Also I want to give a shout out to my former Wartburg College Communication Arts fellow major Jennifer Livingston for winning and Emmy for Editor – News – No Time Limit at WKBT-TV in Lacrosse. Jenn was the Editor & Reporter getting the award. Not sure if her brothers Ron or John have won an Emmy yet, so take that Hollywood.

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  1. Good report, Paul. Wow! Great reasons for celebrating — including, especially, Levi! God bless you and Amy, and Noah and Levi — yeah! Audra is proud, too, and sends her love.

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