RVTVPut 4 guys together in an RV for a week and you have one big stink, a lot of leftover food and shhhh, a great marketing campaign.

Nothing is better than a live shot in local news in local towns. Not always the big festivals, but the small towns. Nothing gets people talking like a TV crew in your town. Enter Winterset, Centerville and now Albia into the mix for WHO-TV’s RVTV. (check out their great promo here)

RVTV Albia
Shot from http://www.whotv.com/sports/rvtv/

The WHO-TV sports crew is in their 10th year of living out of an RV for a week from Ames to Iowa City or Iowa City to Ames for a week. The crew spends a day in a town, does a nice profile on the town and then gets the entire town to show up at their live shots. Its kind of like RAGBRAI, but without the bikes. There’s a lot of celebrating that goes on in each town. Here’s the link to the videos by clicking here.

Keith Murphy wrote in his RVTV blog this week that Winterset was full of fans as they sold 400 sandwiches before the 6p liveshot.

The crowds have gotten bigger as the week went on, including a great turnout in Albia. It looked like the ESPN GameDay Crew built by the Home Depot. Keith called it the best tour stop ever. No pressure Oskaloosa.

Andy resorts to the bullhorn.

This a great promotional item for Channel 13. They get to press the flesh, meet viewers and convince others to turn to their TV station. Andy Fales likes to use the bullhorn, Chris Hassel plays the group’s goof, usually donning a Hawkeye getup in Cyclone country, or an Iowa State gear in Iowa City, Shawn Terrell gets thrown into the silliness as well, usually finding a great story to share along the way.

The tone for RVTV was set Sunday night on SoundOff by this “spot” for Stivers Ford. I will warn you, it is a bit blue, but it is more than a bit funny. Keith was saying on the radio last week that Chris’ Cooter Ray bit, is one of, if not, the most watched spots on WHOTV.com.

The RV rolls into Oskaloosa, a huge hit the last time they stopped there, before getting to Iowa City.

More fun images from http://www.whotv.com/sports/rvtv

I know the tour is a grind for the guys, but maybe the new towns are helping breathe new life into this fan favorite. I remember the year I was on the desk at 13 for RVTV. That year the morning show got the idea, maybe Patrick Dix got the idea, to have the Ames Fire Department wake up the RVTV crew. Quite the wake up at 630 in the morning.

You never know what’s going to happen next.


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