Summer is fading fast

We all have to finally admit, summer is over.

The kids are back in school.

Football season is here.

The Iowa State Fair is over.

Now minor league baseball is done.

We went to the final Iowa Cubs regular season game on Monday. That was the bookends for us on the season as a family. We made it to the first and the last. Sure, we hit a lot in-between, but this is a good chance to see how the boys have changed in the season.

Noah at I-Cubs opener 2010.

This is how Noah looked on opening night back in April as we were bundled up for the Iowa Cubs home opener. He was in a stocking hat, a winter coat and he needed it as it was cold that night. We also were there to see that Sandberg fella. Ryne was in his first game as manager of the team. There was a bit of extra excitement in the air.

Levi's first baseball game.

Levi was in a winter get up as well. This was his first professional baseball game. He was born in late September, so he had to wait almost 5 months before he could attend his first game. Levi was very bundled up that night.

Fast forward through hot days and a lot of fun with Ron, Bill, Gordon and Chandler and we’re at the end of the season.

The boys of summer entertained us well as the season came down to the last game Monday. Win, and the I-Cubs go to the post-season. Lose, and the opponent, the Memphis Redbirds advance to the play-offs.

Noah's last baseball game of 2010.

Here’s Noah as we walked up to the stadium on Monday. He had a few nights where he didn’t want to go, so I left him at home. He did say as we were leaving Monday that he wants to go to more baseball games next year. No foul balls or t-shirts for him this year. But, he did get his picture with Cubbie Bear.

He did get to be some of the entertainment of Section 10 as a group noticed he was a confused child most nights wearing a Cubs hat and a Cardinals shirt. I guess I can get blamed for his issues that he’ll resolve in therapy later.

Levi's without his winter hat.

Our youngest boy Levi will have the most noticeable change. He did not make a lot of games this year as the grabby hands stage doesn’t do well in sitting through a baseball game. I did take Levi to the fountain today to cool off a bit.

Levi spent most of the game day ‘drinking’ puffs. He didn’t want to sit, but he did enjoy his brother. But, I’m not sure his brother enjoyed him.

You be the judge.

Brothers don't shake hands....

But this will be the picture I remember. Me and my boys at a baseball game. At least one of us was happy. Will we see Ryne Sandberg as manager next season in Des Moines? Did we see Jason Dubois and Bobby Scales play their final professional game? We’re not sure. But we’ll check it out next season from Section 10. The Yeager boys will see you then.

Me and my boys.

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