The 700 Club

700 clubWhat has become a central Iowa institution turned 700 last night.

WHO-TV’s SoundOff put on its 700th episode Sunday night. Keith Murphy was there in the beginning back in January, 1997 and still runs the show today.

Many faces around WHOTV have changed, but Keith has been the one constant on the show along with funny lines, rants, callers, home team chatter and great hair.

SoundOffThere were many laugh out loud moments during the show on Channel 13. Many of those moments come from the best of “What’s Bugging Andy“, letters and story time with Gary Dolphin and the legendary ping-pong match between Round Guy and John Bachman.

During my first stop at WHO-TV, SoundOff didn’t exist, it was still time to “Beat The Bear.”

But then-news director Al Setka wanted something different and got it a year later in 1997 when he brought Keith Murphy over from WOI-TV to replace Pat Parris. Keith had a different sounding voice then, not sure how it evolved, but there’s a different pitch to it. But over the years, there’s been a lot of mixed nuts on the show.

The show starred Keith and Round Guy, but now features Andy Fales as the sidekick, or in some eyes, the star of the show.

Chris Hassell came on board 4 years ago and provides a spark to the show in skits involving University of Iowa play-by-play man Gary Dolphin and most recently a Cornhusker fan.

I’ve known Chris awhile and he’s passionate and good at anything he puts his mind to. Even if it does got a bit over the top as was the case with the Little Lick bit. Or his Marty Terrell impersonation.

There are many links to the show here on the SoundOff website.

Sorry if you wanted to read something about Pat Robertson here. None of THOSE 700 Club mentions here. Or the new KCCI morning meteorologist Wes Callison who is replacing Bryan Karrick. And also no mentions if Jeriann Ritter is pregnant.


One thought on “The 700 Club

  1. Hassel’s impersonation of Tirrell stands out as one of the funniest moments in the past 4 years on SoundOff.

    But nothing will ever rival the Andy’s State Fair rant. Truly priceless television.

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