Lil’ Shaver

Noah Shave1
Noah takes a turn at the 'razor'.

When kids go unsupervised, this is what can happen.

A few days back, I was feeding Levi in the morning and Noah was instructed to go brush his teeth and comb his hair before we could go to school.

He first came back into Levi’s room with a can of shaving cream in his hand. I gave him some cream into his hand and off he went. Noah has shaved before, so I thought he knew the drill and where to put everything.

noah Shave2Apparently, he wanted to shave his forehead.

And eyebrows.

And his entire face.

The shaving cream is a soap and his razor does not have a blade, it is just a simple plastic model of the real thing. Noah and I have shaved together before, but this was his first solo time.

He may not like this shot at his high school graduation party, but I sure will.

Noah Shave3Noah is 4 in these pictures. We’ve found 4 to be a pretty fun age. He’s a good kid and just occasionally do we need to be separated for a bit.

Pretty soon he’ll be 14 and shaving for real. Then we’ll probably have to have a lot more space between us.

I’ll include a couple of extra pictures of this experience because they were too good to edit to just one.

Noah shave4

Do you think he kind of looks like actor Zack Galifianakis in any of these?

It is a good thing Noah shaved that morning.


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